Countless individuals have undergone life-changing experiences through the help and guidance of Dr. Whitaker and his holistic methods. Others have family and loved ones who have benefited from Dr. Whitaker's intervention. Many of these people wish to share their experiences through testimonials. Bear in mind, these testimonials are real and they represent the true life experiences of those touched by Dr. Whitaker's work.

April 29, 2017

Hey Dr.  Whitaker, this is Andre. I'm just giving you an update on how I'm doing. I'm doing fine my doctor said I'm still healing and I been feeling better besides the bad days I can't do anything.
On Apr 29, 2017 10:22 PM, "Dr. Whitaker" <dr.whitaker@hotmail.com> wrote:
Ok sounds great. Keep up the work!

On Jun 15, 2017 Andre wrote: 

Dr. Whitaker

Hey! I wanted to tell you that I'm still doing good and going to the doctor I'm still improving slowly. I have a little pain every now and then but overall I'm doing good!
"Dr. Whitaker" <dr.whitaker@hotmail.com> wrote:
Excellent keep going!!!
On August 26, 2017, Andre wrote:

Hey this Andre. I just want to tell you that today I got the news that the cancer has gone! I want to thank you for the advice of what treatments I should use! Without you I probably would've still been sick! So I want to thank you Dr. Whitaker. 
Congratulations Andre; good job! 
Dr. Whitaker, 

Just FYI, I wanted to let you know her progress on the diet that you put her on almost 3 months ago. She has taken 1000mg of whole food vitamins every day, probiotic every morning, and has only ate whole fruits, veggies, and grass fed meat and chicken, seeds, and Nuts. No processed sugar whatsoever. We have not really tested her allergies yet, but she has been perfectly healthy and her asthmas is 100 percent gone. She usually goes through a phase once a month where we need breathing treatment and inhaler, but her lungs sound amazing and no fights with asthma. Again, thank you.

Love,The Gregory’s

January 10, 2015

just wanted to take a moment and say thank you Dr. Whitaker for all of your recent help.  I was bit by either a brown recluse or a black widow spider and had a terrible reaction.  I had a bite on my elbow and another one on the inside of my right thigh. The day after I was bit, my leg was becoming increasingly more swollen and red.  The venomous poison was visibly traveling up towards my groin area and down my leg almost to my knee.  By the 3rd day, it was even worse.  The area was extremely swollen, and increased in size, almost as large as a papaya!  I was quite scared and feared if this was a bite from a brown recluse, it could be fatal. I went to the emergency room at a local hospital for further diagnosis.  The doctor told me I was not in a critical state and prescribed me 2 different antibiotics. I did not want to take these antibiotics so I immediately consulted with you and commenced in using  the simple,natural remedies you suggested.  These were all readily available for me, as I already had them on hand, right in my own kitchen!  I cannot thank you enough and was much relieved to see and feel a difference
within 24 hours by just rubbing an onion over the bites and drinking water and cayenne pepper shots! Within just 2 days, all of the swelling was gone and there was absolutely no sign of redness.....all without taking any antibiotics and/or prescription medications.  Onions usually make me cry, this time they were tears of joy!  Thank you again for your immediate response and attention in this uncertain, scary situation.



I ran into this young man Zion yesterday at my daughter's 8th grade graduation. He stopped me and reminded me...

I had given him your book a couple of years ago and he said he has now read the entire book. He is in the 10th grade now and he said it has made a huge impact on him. He wanted to be a doctor.

Good day sir,

My name is David and I am currently reading your book, Medisin. I am quickly changing my habits which I now believe may leading me to quick death. I live in New York (Brooklyn ) and would like to know if you can recommend an N.D. in the area. Also I would like to know if you are writing anymore books. I am grateful for having found your book and will start to apply the knowledge learned ASAP. Thank you.

Thank you Dr Whitaker:

My brother, after a febrile seizure at 12 years old was brought to the hospital. Since then he has been on multiple medications which has cause him great mental changes for many years!

I wrote to Dr Whitaker concerning my brother ,with all the the diagnoses they place on him , with the medications FOR those Diagnosis ! And he suggested simply --Doses of B3 --

My brother called me a couple days ago to tell me --thank you --he is feeling much more relaxed and healthier -- thank you again Dr .Whitaker I wish you well.

Dr. Whitaker,
Thank you so very much for your prayers and sincere concern for my niece Bobbi Kristina. Her death is a lost that will not be in vain. I am so sorry that I cannot make it to SC to meet you as well. However, I am sure there will be another time for us to meet. With that said, my prayers are that you will be in Atlanta or somewhere close where we could one day meet. I am looking forward to my whole family hearing you speak/teach one day soon. Again, thank you for all that you tried to do!
Leolah Brown

Hi Dr. Whitaker:

I had a test at homeopath on sat. 19, 2015. the test result the cancer is almost perfectly gone. In July it was reading 58 and now it read 51. 50 is perfectly normal. Shall i continue a regular or maintenance dose of the myomin and revivin?

Thank you for being at the right place at the right time.

Lucille Hatcher

Dr. Scott Whitaker is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

On April 7, 2014 I felt a lump in my right breast and went to a free cancer screening in my area to have an exam. After, having a biopsy performed on lump in my breast I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated because I was only 34 years old and I had just quit my job and moved to a new city. What was I to do??? I was afraid because I knew how dangerous the conventional treatments can be for cancer. The first person that came to mind was Dr. Scott Whitaker. I knew he could help me but my pride kept me from calling him because I was broke. So, I tried my best to attack the cancer by creating a more alkaline environment in my body with changes in my nutrition. I saw some progress but it was minimal. I continued to see the white coat. I eventually reached out to Dr. Whitaker via email and told him my situation a few months after my diagnosis and he never hesitated to give some sound wisdom on natural ways I could get rid of the cancer. His only complaint was that he wished I would have contacted him sooner. Today, I can't say I don't agree with him more. I am completely cancer free for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Whitaker is a gift and a rare find. He is passionate about true healing. He has inspired me to pursue my own career as a naturopathic doctor and I would encourage anyone who is dealing with any health situations to reach out to him. You will NOT be disappointed! Peace and Blessings to all!

Peace Dr. Whitaker,

Your book dropped in 2005 and I remember hearing about it. I even heard about you coming to do lectures with Bro Jabari & Solvivaz Nation. If it wasn't a speaker that I was well aware of, I just didn't attend. I kind of went into a depression after Dr Khalid Muhammad was "murdered" back in 2001. I didn't study and laziness crept in.

In 2013,a good friend of mines introduced me to the book "Medisin".I mentioned it to my wife, telling her it looks interesting. The cover really got my attention. My wife then went to Youtube & Blogtalk radio doing searches for Dr Scott Whitaker. She would watch and share the clips with meand it was then "on and poppin".She purchased the book from Everyone's Place and I never did get it passed down to me because it is now OUR BIBLE. The book has transformed our entire families lives, how we eat and what we

Thank you Dr.Whitaker for putting this information in a book and making it so plain for even a small child to comprehend. We look forward to meeting you in Philly @ Black & Noble Bookstore this Monday 10/6/2014.

Keep Up the Great Work,
Bro Oscar

January 10, 2015

Dear Dr. Whitaker,

For the last three years I have been battling painful fibroids in both of my breasts. Throughout these years, I have had approximately 10-12 of them removed and biopsied. None of them were cancerous, however the doctors told me that my breast would be full of them for the rest of my life.  They are normally caused by too much caffeine, but I do not drink coffee, soda or anything else with caffeine in it.  No further tests were performed on me. I was simply told by several doctors that there was no cure and was informed that often times these fibroids can grow quite large and become cancerous within just a short period of time, if they aren't drained or surgically removed.  I felt hopeless and helpless, as if I was going to become subjected to this pain and these monthly procedural check ups indefinitely.  After years of being subjected to the constant medical run-around, I became aware of herbal remedies.  I consulted with you and began the regime you specifically designed for me to follow.  I followed your suggestions and advice, made a few basic changes in my diet and began taking a few herbal supplements.  I recently had my annual mammogram, which is a test no woman enjoys.  I, especially hate this test, as on a daily basis my breasts are always super tender, very sensitive to touch and extremely painful....without being smashed and squeezed by an x-ray machine!  I was quite surprised during my latest procedure to not feel the "normal" excruciating pain I previously experienced.  A few days ago, I received my mammogram results in the mail.  I am happy to report, for the first time in years, there is absolutely no sign, not even ONE fibroid present in either one of my beasts. As soon as I read these results, I began to cry.  I was shocked, surprised and immediately grateful. I can only contribute these successful results to you, Dr. Whitaker.  You have helped me immensely. Without your assistance, guidance and knowledge, I would still be living with pain, going through monthly procedures or tests, and be filled with constant concern of acquiring breast cancer.  When the doctors told me there was no cure, that was a LIE!  I am living proof of the TRUTH!! 

Hello Mr Whitaker,

I first heard you on the alex jones show in about 2007-2008. I was very impressed with your overall knowledge and scope in the health world. I also greatly appreciate that you work towards educating the black communities about being health conscious and realizing the snake traps that are set before us in daily life. For those things im grateful that ive heard you and also wouldnt mind hearing you on alex jones again sometime.

now for a question that your experience may be able to answer: one of my family was recently diagnosed with polycythemia vera and lung cancer. My major concern is that the main method they use to deal with PV is phlebotomy, which doesnt seem to actually address the root cause of the problem, while simultaneously making him even weaker.

If you know anything about the root cause and how to reverse PV, or know anything we can do that is a safe alternative, please share with me some information.

This is especially stressful and hard to deal with, and at the end of the day I believe in alternative treatments and think they will help him immensely, but im not sure where to start. He has trouble eating most foods and probably has been nutritionally deficient for a long time. Due to poor diet and lack of exercise ive been concerned something like this would come up for a while. We are trying to introduce some nutrition into his diet via juicing organic produce and using things like hempseed, and were considering also trying apricot kernels for his cancer. If you know anything we can do or any type of knowledge on the subject to share, i would be very grateful.

Thank you again Mr Whitaker for taking a stand against the NWO and being a hero for people,

 Greetings Dr. Whitaker, 

my name is Immanuel Lewis and I am a recent Summa Cum Laude grad of Howard University, PN1 certified coach, and you are a tremendous inspiration for me. 

One of the most interesting topics in your book Medisin to me was the section on Colloidal Chemistry. 

As a student of science & nutrition, 

I was wondering if you could recommend a book to me that explores the topic of Colloidal Chemistry in depth. 

Thank you so much, 

My mom was diagnosed with diabetes and was prescribed pharmaceutic medication Metformin. Six months later they raised her dosage from 500 to 1000mg and on top of that my mom was complaining about the side effects that she was having from the medication such as being tired all the time and having big craving for food. I contacted Dr. Whitaker and informed him about my mom situation and he recommended his diabetes protocol with dietary guidelines that my mom should follow. After just seven weeks of following Dr. Whitaker's recommendation with no pharmacy meds, my mom blood sugar was always stable she wasn't tired all the time or feeling huge food cravings like before when she was on the pharmacy medication. I want to thank Dr Whitaker for helping my mom get well. As a son it's the best gift that I can give my mom.

Dr. Whitaker,

I would like to thank you for the lifesaving work you have done in my father’s life.

For decades he battled diabetes, was prescribed pills, and eventually working his way to insulin injections several times a day.

Often times out of frustration, he would cease taking the medication, continued his bad eating habits, and end up in the hospital very sick. At least on 2 occasions, he went into a diabetic coma.

What a blessing he found you. My father followed your instructions and for the past 6 plus YEARS, he’s been medication and diabetes free.

I have no doubt that he would not be here today, had he not met you.

I thank you again, and again for helping my father (who is now 76 years old) rid diabetes from his life.

Carla Worthy
Bill McButts Daughter

Hi Dr. Whitaker:
On May 4th I saw you in Columbus MS. You confidently told me what to do to cure arthritis in my joints . Today is July 28, 2014 I can honestly say you formula worked. I did began to get  some relief after taking the cod liver oil, devil claw, boron, and alfalfa for 2 weeks. August 4th is a week away and I feel no pain in either of my knees, shoulder, nor in my back. You told me it would take 90 days. Thank You. Thank God for you. one question, do I need to continue to take the combined nutrients? Please respond.
Lucille Hatcher 


Allergic Reaction: HIVES

I woke up Sunday, June 8, 2014 scratching my stomach and back. My body felt like it was on fire. I didn’t think much of it; I thought it was just dry skin. I asked my husband to look at my back. He told me I had a horrible rash, so I looked in the mirror. This rash was on the left side of my stomach to the left side of back. I had scratch marks all over the left side of my stomach; my skin was very red and irritated. So all day I was just drinking herbal water (burdock, yellow dock, red clover, dandelion leaf )and I ate a little. I was trying to not scratch but it was getting worse. The next day, I woke up and it had spread to my legs, arms, neck and face and the itching sensation was worse.  I took the day off from work. I went to buy some Benadryl and fruit. I soaked in a bath full of herbs. (burdock, yellow dock, red clover, dandelion leaf)  That seemed to calm the itching and burning down for a little while. All day Monday I just continue to drink the herbal water, made a fruit smoothie and slept all day so I wouldn’t scratch. Tuesday, I took off again from work and just continue to take the Benadryl, which kept me sleep and drink the herbal water and the fruit smoothies all day. The rash continued to spread and itch. I had to go to work on Wednesday; the itching wasn’t bad as long as I was busy. After work I went and bought some Calamine Lotion and covered my body in that. That only worked for about 30 minutes to an hour and then I would have to reapply to my body. Thursday through Saturday it was the same routine. By Wednesday I had stopped taking the Benadryl and Friday I had stopped putting the Calamine Lotion on. By Friday the left side of my body was looking better but I was noticing that it was still spreading. It was all over my back now and the scratch marks were all over my body. I was very irritable by now; I wasn’t eating just drinking herbal water. I didn’t know what else to do. So Sunday, I couldn’t take it anymore and I went to the Emergency Room. I already knew they were just going to give me the steroid shot and some pain medicine but at this point I couldn’t take the itching anymore. I got my shot, filled the prescriptions and went home. This was the first day in a week that I wasn’t scratching. I felt good, it was over. I wake up the next morning scratching and irritable again. So I took the meds, drank a fruit smooth and went to work. I get a phone call from my husband telling me he had a rash on his back. I didn’t think hives were contagious. So the first thing he tells me to do is, email Dr. Whitaker because he ain’t taking no medicine or going to the Emergency Room. So I emailed Dr. Whitaker (June 16th,2014) telling him I had hives. He responds the same day telling me to use the essential oil of Clove and some Almond oil. He told me to apply the Almond oil first to the skin and follow it with the Clove oil enough to cover the area. He also told me to internally use Dandelion tea to detox my liver. (two cups a day) I told my husband and by the time I got home he had everything. He had bought the Clove & Almond oli, the herb clove, milk thistle, dandelion root and black walnut hull. We applied the Clove and Almond oil to our bodies all week and drank herbal water (herb clove, milk thistle, dandelion root, black walnut hull) and by Saturday the itching was gone and our skin was clearing up. Currently we are in the healing process. The skin is peeling and flaky. (A little itchy) Now I just have to worry about getting rid of all the dark scratch marks I left all over by my back, stomach and legs.

            We are still not sure what caused this allergic reaction but I got rid of all the produce we brought that week, the laundry and bath soap.

         My husband & I would like to thank Dr. Whitaker for giving us a solution to our problem that would have cost us thousands of dollars.

Grapevine, TX

Thank you brother.I was on Bro Jabari's email list but I dropped off.I
keep missing Bro Darren's show due to my work sched.
                Your book is my family "bible".I got one book but the
Mrs wont let me get it so I ordered my own copy.                 You
have the spirit of the warrior ancestor Khalid Abdul Muhammad in your
work.He always said in whatever field you choose,"be revolutionary!".
   Thanks for standing strong against our oppressors.
 Bro Oscar

A warm thanks for your sensible logic Dr. Whitaker. The media has been made into a dangerous agent to promote illogical thinking.
I sat down with a wonderful Naturopathic guru a few years ago.
This was one of many of my insightful conversations about caring for myself without the hype of medicines has been the toughest decision to embark on. No doubt it is a very carefully planned health journey
High Blood Pressure (HBP) has been my best friend for over 7 years on this little 5' 4" 140 pound frame. Very active I am but a chronic worrier lololololol. What Black Woman isn't. Enough of me, just sending you kudos on your great informative news.
In addition if you have e-articles I'd love to subscribe to reading them or a book . Send me an article about Wine & Women's Health, if any to use on my blog  TheTimidPalate.com and I will pass on this information in summary too.
Staying Healthy and well Informed,
Donna Marie Taylor

Dr. Whitaker:

I just want to shout a resounding "Amen" to your article: "BAMBOOZLED: BREAST MUTILATION AS PREVENTIVE CARE?"

While I do believe that some people may be predisposed to certain medical challenges due to heredity, I cannot for the life of me see the sense in removing a healthy breast/breasts, because a person is "at risk" of contracting breast cancer.  If I remember correctly Angelina's risk of developing cancer was what....60? Something like that? To disregard the 40% chance that she won't contract breast cancer, to me seems criminal!!!  Neither of those percentages is an unequivocal, fact!!! 

I have had very dense, extremely cystic breasts since I can remember.  And so do my sisters (and I believe, my nieces).  To date, I think just about all of the females in my immediate family, have had a few scares with enlarged or swollen or tender breasts, due to cysts.  (I had them removed from my breasts in '93(?) and God is my Secret Judge....they started growing back before my 3-week check up was due!!!  My doctor couldn't believe it: he brought me back in early with the assurance that the mass that I felt was most likely a keloid.  He explained that people of color often not only keloid externally, but internally as well.  But I was right as rain!  The cyst had begun growing again.

He took me off caffeine (I was a basket case for a good lil bit after that), talked to me, again, about lowering my salt intake and scheduled me for another follow-up.  Unfortunately, my doctor died of a massive heart attack before my next, scheduled appointment. 

I was thrown by this devastating news because my doctor was (and had been for at least as long as I knew him) extremely health conscience:  no red meats, no junk foods, no sodas, candy....jogged religiously every day, ate his leafy greens and fruits and nuts faithfully, drank water and 100% juices only, and an occasional dinner wine or martini.  How could he be dead???

Out of my 5 female siblings 2 developed breast cancers.  1 went thru with the removal of the affected breast, and my other sister had a lumpectomy and lived cancer free for more than 20 years.  Then, out of nowhere, she was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2010.  It quickly spread to her colon, breasts and after that, it went into her spine.  She lost her battle with this virulent cancer in January 2011, just about 2 weeks shy of her 62nd birthday.

This is not to say that my sisters and I (especially me....I hate going to the doctor (forgive me) but its all doctors, which causes me to be woefully negligent in keeping on top of known issues such as the cystic breasts.  I recently passed my 58th birthday and have been working up my courage to schedule a colonoscopy (my father died of prostate cancer), followed by the l-o-n-g overdue mammography and Ob-Gyn appointment, and regular, routine physical exams.

I think I stopped worrying about cancer when I looked at all of the obese people that I know, many of whom are beloved friends and family members, who eat, drink (and smoke) what they want, though they shouldn't!  They, along with myself, could very well be at risk for developing some sort of cancer, or heart disease or other metabolic disorder.  But like you, I believe that good nutrition, exercise, avoiding stress, meditating, refusing to sweat the small stuff, forgiving others and sleep (I can't say enough about a good night's rest) play far more critical and beneficial roles in defending and supporting my immune system and health, than removing parts of me that "might" become affected, infected or infested!!

I agree with you: "Mindless" - the reasoning and fear often promoted by "Medisin"From gun violence to catastrophic illness to freak accidents, we're all at risk every day that we live. No more than I would stop driving for fear of the numbskulls who still text while driving, despite the proof that it's dangerous and often deadly....no more than I would stop going to the theater to support the latest Tyler Perry release because some deranged individual may go postal before the film credits roll...no more than I would cut off my index finger because its often stiff and difficult to bend because of arthritis challenges would I have my breasts removed because I have a possible, genetic "risk factor"!

One of the old Saints in my church used to put it more comically, but very thought provoking.  She'd always end her testimony with: "Jesus is soon to come, children.  And even if He ain't....you soon to go!  One way or another, we all got to leave here!" 

"Medisin" is on my "to buy" list

Amen, amen, and amen!!!

Dr. Whitaker,

Thank you so much for advocating the truth about breast mutilation to prevent cancer.  Your analogies were so clear and profound.  My sentiments exactly.

I am a 20- year breast cancer survivor. After my refusal to continue with the prescribed chemo treatments, I was give a date stamp of five years to live by the medical professionals.  My survival and good heath today is due to good nutrition, exercise, less stress, and vitamin D (I moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Chicago.)

I am proud to report that the medical professionals bamboozle tactics to remove my right tumor-free breast as a cancer prevention did not work with me.  I was awakened to natural healing designed by our Creator.

Great article! ! !

Sylvia Smith 

Dr. Whitaker,
Hi, I just read your Press Release and it could not have appeared at a more convenient time. I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer last month and much of that which you have said is true. I am an African American woman and in my opinion, other more obvious symptoms were neither investigated, treated  or ruled out. I was also informed that my body is making too much Estrogen. The proposed treatment by an Oncologist and others - mastectomy, chemo, radiation and then hormone therapy.
I have made the decision to investigate and be treated from a holistic standpoint. Sadly, the problem I have discovered is that Medicare and Medicaid will pay astronomical charges for traditional treatment which further harms the body- chemo, radiation, etc., but nothing should one desire to be treated holistically for "whole-istic" purposes. Quite naturally, such limits one severely from being treated from a holistic standpoint.
If at some point you have time I would like to talk to you and obtain your viewpoint and information about your book. I am documenting my case and would like to include knowledgeable professionals within the medical community who support holistic treatment for Cancer and are not afraid to go on record, publicly, as well as list their book(s) or published papers as Resources, which may assist others. 
Would you have a list of physicians who adopt your holistic philosophy for treatment? I live in Tennessee. I have been informed that there are laws which prevent Herbalist from being licensed. There is also a restrictive environment here as it pertains to holistic treatment.
Thank you,
Mrs. Dorothy Barron
Author & Blogger

April 4, 2014


I have a 4 year old son by the name of MarQuavius Jones who was diagnosed with Paratesticular Alveolar Rhabdomysarcoma (rare cancer 1% black children out of 1000) at the age of 22 months (October 2011). MarQuavius become a patient of St. Jude’s hospital and was treated with chemotherapy for 34 weeks. He successful completed his treatment. On May 2013 at the age of 3 he had his usual every 3 month scan which showed that the cancer had recurred in the same location and a cyst was found in his throat (which came from the first chemo). MarQuavius sometime during the first treatment he had a wart appear on his right wrist possible from Chemo.

During this second time I (Nikki Gilmore his mother) informed his Physician that I did not know what type of treatment I wanted to do for him rather it be Chemo, Radiation, or Alternative Treatment (Alkaline diet and natural supplements) or a combination. I later chose to do all three because at the time I had very little information to help my son. Once learning more about the Alternative Treatments and having evidence base information. I chose to stop my son’s chemo treatment and not start radiation and go completely with alternative treatment which will give him a better (healthier) chance of survival.

The reason for a change in MarQuavius treatment from Chemo and radiation to alternative treatment is because he may have a better chance of survival and quality of life. If we continue St. Judes treatment there is a 30% to 50% chance of survival and the consequences are higher than him surviving. There is no guarantee and his immune system, organs, and life is at a high risk. If their treatment is not successful he will die because he will have nothing to fight with and at this time there are no other protocols for this type of cancer. There is also no tumors or visible sign of cancer. Furthermore choosing alternative treatment will allow him to live like a normal 3 year old. A chance to build up his immune system and learn how to live a healthy life without cancer. If he should recur at least he can fight with a healthy body and strong immune system.

Furthermore with God on his side and numerous resources one being Dr. Scott Whitaker, MarQuavius is doing great. It has now been 9 months and he is still cancer free and healthier than ever. When the doctors said within a month of treatment stops cancer would return and if not then than maybe a year no more than 3 years.

True story...
of last year, my daughter was complaining about sharp back pains and
this was alarming because she asked to go to the Emergency room. I was
at work so my mother took her. The next day she continued to complain
about her back and added to the fact she was unable to urinate. So we
went back to the ER. She was prescribe some medicine and we took her
home. After taking the medicine, her urine turned dark brown and we
returned for the third time to the ER. They did test and decided to send
her to the Shriner's Children Hospital. Once there, the doctors hooked
her up to IVs, drew blood and then decided to transfer her to ICU.
My wife and I was shocked because we had no clue how serious her
condition had become
and the doctors did not seemed to know either. Sierra, who was only 14
yrs old, would have to stay in ICU for 10 days and remain in a hospital
bed, undergoing dialysis, for the next 3 weeks with Rabdomylosis (which
is kidney failure). The doctors didn't know how it happened and until
this day they still don't. They were trying to give her all kinds of
medications from high blood pressure pills to high end Tums. But most
importantly, Sierra would have to start urinating soon or the doctors
said they had no choice but to put a permanent line in her side to give
dialysis. She already had a line in her neck. In the waiting room I
emailed Dr. Whitaker and explained her case. He knew what the problem
was and he knew how to correct it. He also understood why the doctors
were trying to administer all these different medicines. He told me to
get Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract; these herbs would make the
difference. While in the hospital, Sierra would eventually start to
urinate (I believe thanks to Dandelion root I gave her) but they wanted
to send her home with the temporary line in her neck and later convert
to the permanent line for dialysis. I had 5 prescriptions to get and one
injection shot for treatment.
I was faced
with one of the hardest decisions I had ever had to make. I chose
to leave all the prescriptions at the pharmacy and I order the herbs.
After missing the first 15 days of her 9th grade year, Sierra was back
in school, no medications, no dialysis and feeling well. I remember the
first follow up visit we made to the doctors and the nurse asked how
Sierra was doing with the medicines; I told her Sierra has not taken any
of the medicines prescribed to her. They were shocked, and even more
shocked when her results came back. The doctors told me I was taking a
risk with my
daughters health by not giving her the medications. Naturally, Sierra
would still have the scares from the few surgeries and where the
dialysis lines were once connected but overall she is a healthy and
vibrant young lady. Today, we still struggle with keeping her away from
pasta but she only drink bottle water just as the doctor (Whitaker)
ordered. Dr. Whitaker, the Nance family sincerely thank you from the
deepest debts of our hearts. It was that call I placed to G-d and the
follow up email to you that brought my daughters health back to her. I
am eternally grateful.
A rejuvenated dad,
January 29, 2014

Dr.Whitaker, I am a follower of you, Dr. Dick Gregory and Darren
Muhammad. I worked at a air craft facility with dangerous chemicals and
limited protection. My skin has broken out and I was wondering which
you could recommend for detoxing the
body. I have always exercised and take very good care of my body. Don't
like to see a rash on my arm like this. Its scary. When are u coming
back to Baltimore?

Richard Catlett


January 29, 2014

Just wanted to let you know how helpful and informative your book
was for me in my search for truth concerning sickness of the body. May
YHWH the God of all creation, bless you as you have blessed the minds of
all who have read this book.
Zechariah Israel

I chose you cause we have the same last name, smile.

Lo! And behold! Sir you are a Godsend and a true blessing indeed. I
have been battling minor health issues for years. As soon as I'm able. I
intend to go to school and learn all there is about herbs and plants
and their natural healing
abilities too. I cried when I viewed some of your videos, for you are a
man of color too and speaking the truth about our corrupt medical
system. In which I am well aware of. Not to mention all the games my
insurance companies continually play, smh!

Kevin Trudeau was the first to shed light to this that I'm aware of. And
you are only the second! I am battling with MELASMA. Out of the
kindness of your heart, what herbs or foods, etc. could you recommend I
put in my diet. Not to mention, what to stop eating
as well. How come an African Root Dr while in Jamaica first looked at
my skin and told me its from eating chicken shot up with estrogen, and
it's being released in my face?!

The MELASMA that I'm dealing with is due to over active hormones, how
coincidental. I am 50 and told I am going through menopause as well.

Any positivity you can extend will be greatly appreciated! May God
continue blessing you with wisdom and keep spreading the love and
knowledge amongst us! For it truly does take a village!
May The Lord add a blessing to the reading of these words, and a heart humbled! So be it!

I depart with much peace and grace, and yearn for any kind of reply, smile.


Mrs. Trayc Whitaker
Dear Dr. Whitaker,

I've read your book in 2007, and as I was organizing my closet I
came across your book again. I  enjoyed reading it a second time. Your
book is a must read. Everyone,young and old alike should read your book.
The industry has really gotten the wool pulled
over our eyes.The fast food ads says you can eat for a dollar or a
whole meal for five bucks. Causing overweight people and todays dope
dealers are making billions of dollars PROFIT each year selling
"medications" and we the people are getting taken in by
it. And it's all legal! While my cousin "Pookie" is sitting in jail for
selling nickel bags but hat's another email. :-)
I once read a title, your food should come from a plant not made in
a plant. I thought that was pretty good thing to remember.
I saw on You Tube and interview by Marc Smith? I think? he asked a
question how do you make that commitment to change your eating habits?
There are drugs on the market to help you lessen the desire for
nicotine, why isn't there herbs to lessen the urge for
white sugar and refine carbohydrates? Like the rest of us I know what
to eat and not to eat. I have to make the commitment.

Thanks for your education. Do you have a newsletter to subscribe to?

Thank you

Gail Shobe 

"Dr. Whitaker,

I hope you are well and that the Almighty is blessing you.  I first wanted to thank you for writing such a great book, I've been telling everyone I know to read your book, so hopefully they get it soon and change their habits.  . . . (personal info. redacted)

Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you.


Christopher Byles
Sent from my iPhone"

November 6, 2013
Hello Dr. Scott Whitaker

My name is Jennyfer Tena, I am currently a Junior at UC Santa Cruz. I was fascinated when first hearing about you academic story. My goal is to one day follow the path you have taken of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. I would greatly appreciate if you are able to advice me on what steps to take, in order to reach my goal. I see you as my role model and wish to one day become as successful as you. 


Jennyfer Tena
October 27, 2013
As-Salaamu-Alaikum, Dear Brother:
Let me again say again on behalf of the African-American Cultural & Historical Society, that your valuable participation in this year's African-American Cultural & Economic Summit was greatly appreciated.  Because of you, we were very inspired to do better with our health and from you, we learned a lot.
Yusuf A. Muhammad
September 27, 2013
Hi Dr. Whitaker,
My nickname is Ce.  I'm  56 and healthier than I've been my whole life.  My Creator guided me to eat only organic raw fruits, nuts and veggies, NO MEAT, NO GRAINS, NO DAIRY, NOTHING COOKED at the age of 37 and I've never been healthier physically.  I haven't seen a medical doctor or taken any drugs since I was 30.  When I was guided to eat this pure and clean diet, I didn't know about chemicals in food and how they make people sick, the NWO, or those who "founded" the raw vegan food movement.  I am truly LOVED and GUIDED by and GRATEFUL to my MAKER for my health and my lifestyle; running, yoga, prayer, meditation and diet. There is NO discipline involved ever.  It's how I honor SPIRIT.  
I found out a little about you last evening when I was on my computer googling "pioneers in the raw food movement against obamacare".  No one came up except you!  Where are these alternative health "leaders"?  You would think they'd have something to say against it and what, if anything, people who are against it can do.  I have been making my self ILL from the hate and anger I have about the healthcare law, aka wealthscare scam , LOL, that says it is mandatory that I pay money into something I do not believe in.  So, my question to you is, "is there anything I can do to not pay money into it, money I need to pay for my natural organic raw, homeopathic alternative heath care lifestyle for myself , my husband and family?  This prayer helps me to keep my mind at peace: Creator, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
Thanks for your support.
August 10, 2013

Hello Dr. Whitaker,

The pictures I sent you of Qua was just to show you some different stages of him. The newest one is him in a white t-shirt. He has now  been off of chemo for a month, he has went from 37 lbs to 41 lbs and looking very healthy, no longer seeing his bones, going to the restroom without meds and as a matter of fact he is not on any meds. He had a scan on the 1st of August and it was tumor and cancer free.The last time I spoke to you I had the incident with DCS. To God be the glory DCS was in favor of me choosing what is best for my son and St. Jude's tried to pick it up and once their legal team looked again at the case decided to help me in whatever assistance I need and of course had me sign a refusal letter for treatment. I know this is a decision I can live with regardless of the outcome. They are guaranteeing survival rate of up to 3 years, I am so glad they are not God.

His Doctor at St. Judes wanted your contact info, so I have decided to give him your book....

Your book helped me in this situation so much and so informative and I realize I am really messed up with myself. I will be scheduling a consultation very soon with you for myself.

Thank You and Blessings to you and yours, 


September 4, 2013
Good Morning Dr. Whitaker,
Hoping all is well with you.
-Qua is doing great his scar tissue has decreased tremendously and he had a wart on wrist from first chemo but is finally leaving.
-He is urinating alot, so I had them check his urine and kidneys all was fine a little protein in urine but still good. He is urinating like 3 times in hour some days.
-Oct 3rd he is rescanned.
By the way people are loving your book and passing it around to others.
Thank you



May 26, 2013

As salaamu alaikum! I was told to check in with you for my husband, as he is in Sierra Leone. He is not unreachable, but I just wanted to let you know that he started what you told him immediately. His blood sugar completely dropped! He even told me that he had to chomp on a kitkat the other day 'cause his sugar dropped down to 60! Should he make any changes or stay on his  current regime 'til his return in July?

Sent from Ayesha


December 6, 2012
Good Day Dr. Whitaker,

I was at your presentation in Atlanta GA about a month or so ago and I completely appreciated and enjoyed the entire highly informative presentation.  I purchased the MediSin book and have read, consumed and put into practice at least 50% of what I have read thus far. A few of my friends attended too and we have engaged in several conversations regarding the most informative book on health in years.  I am a Master Naturopathic Healer and I introduced myself to you after the event.

My burning question is where can I purchase the shower filter head you suggested??  My notes states a "95 shower filter head".  I must have not gotten the correct information because I have had no luck when searching for the item.  I have eczema and dry skin and I realize my skin is aging but I really would like to get the shower filter to hopefully prevent premature drying.

Please advise.
Thank You,
T. Lynette Yankson

July 17, 2012                                          

I have been researching natural ways to prevent cancer for several years as cancer seems to affect so many people including those close to me. In 2004, I lost my Mom due to the side effects of the treatments that the doctors convinced my Mom she needed. The doctors couldn’t determine where her cancer originated, so they treated her very aggressively as a “precaution” to make sure they got all of the cancer so it wouldn’t come back. Her immune system was so weakened by everything they did to her. There was so much damage done to her body because they weren’t sure how to get rid of the cancer without damaging her body. She died just two years after being diagnosed with cancer. She did not die from the cancer, but from the damage of all the treatments.

In October 2009, my friend Ebony and her husband Preston had invited me to attend Dr. Scott Whitaker’s lecture. I took several pages of notes including the topic of cancer. Shortly after meeting Dr. Whitaker, my Dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I contacted Dr. Whitaker to see if he could help. He gave us the information that would dissolve the tumor in about 4 months. But instead, My Dad ended up listening to his other doctors. They insisted that he would need chemotherapy and radiation. They told him if he didn’t do it, he would be dead within two years. They stated that he was a pretty healthy guy otherwise so he should be able to handle the aggressive treatment. He had a stroke just one week after the start of these treatments and was hospitalized for over a month. Finally my Dad agreed that he should try the natural route instead as he felt the chemo/radiation treatments almost killed him. He said, “Jennette, I am ready to try the natural way since this path (chemotherapy/radiation) is definitely not the way to go.” Dr. Whitaker stated that it may take more time as his immune system had been weakened by the toxins they had put into his body. He estimated that in about 8 months, the tumor would be dissolved. Eight months later (October 2010), I went with my Dad to his doctor appointment. The doctor stated that there was no tumor to speak of. It was completely gone and they said it was as if they were looking at someone who had never had cancer.

It is such a blessing to have met Dr. Whitaker who shared the information with us to be able to get rid of the cancer naturally without side effects, without pumping toxins into his body, without pain. I only wish I had known this information earlier…then my Mom would still be with us also! I am so grateful for everything Dr. Whitaker has done to help us. I recommend that everyone buy his book, MEDISIN and also visit his website, www.Medisins.net. I share the information I have learned from him with everyone in hopes that more lives can be saved. I hope others will do the same. 

Blessings and Alohas,
Jennette Krawec

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
--Lao Tzu

May 4, 2012

Hi Dr Whitaker,

Hope all is well. Just sending a friendly warm greeting your way and to tell you how much your book Medisin has changed my life. What an eye opener! I have also given my mother a copy.

Thank you :D
Tahlia Michelle
March 20, 2012

Spring greetings Dr. Scott Whitaker!

Medsin is an OUTSTANDING, powerful and most informative holistic health book. We'll be adding it along with your website to our Recommended Reading List.
We look forward to being of service to you and your movement.
Good Health is a CHOICE!
Dr. Maisha Tianuru, N.D., M.T. & Dr. William Hancock, N.D., M.T.
Afrikan Center of Well Being, Inc.
March 19, 2012
Dr. Whitaker,

Your book is probably one of the BEST books I’ve read in holistic health. I’ve been a raw food advocate and personal trainer for over 5 years. It has gotten to the point where people ask me things about food and I feel I need to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, I don’t see a program in Texas that teaches like your philosophy. Is there a distance learning program you know of that will give me a credible education in naturopathy?

Also, I want to bring you my city to speak but I’m not sure how to get the funds to pay you. What do you charge for a university keynote? How do groups usually find the money to pay for you? I know this is possible I just need to figure out how I can make this happen.

Peace and blessings,


November 2011

Thanks, Dr. Whitaker!
My buddy Reymond had a cousin in stage 4 breast cancer.  On and off again for fifteen years, she fought this.  I told him about your book.  I told him about natural healing, and at first, he didn't believe me.  But, I can be really annoying and aggressive, so he tried some different things you recommended.  She felt better.  He researched conventional cancer treatment and talked her into canceling chemo and surgery.  This was all two years ago; now she's alive and well.  He recently found a homeopath in Covina, CA, and the doctor told him he saved her life.  He credits me with it.  And it all started when I heard you on Alex Jones, you argued with that oncologist, and I bought your book.  So, really, you saved her life, by way of Alex, by way of me, by way of Rey, by way of his cousin deciding to try something different.

February 17, 2011

Dear Dr. Whitaker:


    Thank you so much for enlightening us with much needed information during your recent lecture in the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago. 

    My husband and I were (along with everyone else in the audience) really captivated by the depth of knowledge and information you so freely shared.

    The recommendation of silver that you gave me for my finger was right on time! The swelling has gone down, almost completely, and it is no longer numb.

    I find it amazing the things that iridologists, like yourself, can tell just by looking into the eyes. I have ordered the product you recommended for my fibroid tumor and can't wait to start using it and prove to my OBGyn that there is an alternative to surgical removal of the fibroids. Hopefully, I will soon be able to tell him that he has made his last thousands of dollars off of me, after 4 previous surgeries, removing the recurring tumors.

    After your lecture, we came home and threw out everything white (sugar, flour, bread, etc.) as well as unplugged our microwave! I pray for the discipline, commitment and dedication to make this transition become a permanent lifestyle change; as I believe that to gain knowledge without application or proper implementation is just a waste of time, and I hate wasting time!

    Finally, we are enjoying reading your book together, as it has great, revelatory information.  We are so glad our eyes have been opened to a better way of living and healing. I now believe I am better equipped to be a stronger advocate for mine and my family's health. We truly appreciate you starting us off on this exciting journey to a healthier way of life!

    May God bless and continue to keep you.


Gratefully yours,

Mr. and Mrs. May
San Francisco, CA


January 25, 2011

thank you dr. whitaker for all of the information you have exposed me and my family to.  I first heard you on the alex jones show and that was an exciting day for me.  I hate the illuminati, the new world order, the lucerfarian agenda their anti life and anti human theology. 

after talking about the show so much my lady purchased the medisin book last year as a christmas gift for me and that’s one of the many reasons why I love her.  I read it twice and it was awesome.

I am more of a minority in my family when it comes to my views (facts), however they know I am serious and they support me.  I work in for the pathology department in montefiore medical center and it is one of the biggest hospitals in the bronx. 

a little over a year ago (as you know) the state of new york attempted to force all hospital workers to take the so called mandatory h1n1 flu vaccine.  to make a long story short I started a public campaign by getting signatures, going on radio (hot 97 street soldiers show) and being on fox 5 news and bronx 12 news.  in order to tell the public who was somewhat unaware that we were given an ultimatum to take the mercury shot or be terminated.  needless to say i was on the hospital and my union 1199 hit list. 

the good news is my family saw I would not give in and supported me fully, even if  I would be terminated after 10 years of service.

the bad news is yesterday my mom told me she has cancer.  every time I say the word I start crying.  I will be calling for a phone consultation soon as I can and I can’t finish this thought. 

please be real

 your comrade, 

 christopher dewese


January 18, 2011


Happy New Year my Brother and thanks for everything in 2010! The advice you gave me about the Apple Juice Fast to pass stones was awesome.... Worked like a charm!  Thank you! So anything you suggest by way of lectures, internet media, books (waiting on Medisins II) ha! etc... I'm passing it on cause people need to know that they have an awesome alternative. U the best!  Thanks again and any emails you want to forward to me feel free and I'll see you when you come to Philly (ia) 



January 6, 2011


Dr. Whitaker,


Thank you opening my eyes to the truth of natural healing.  Your book is excellent and a must-have for everyone!  I am writing this testimonial on behalf of the mother of a friend of mine. During the summer of 2010, she was diagnosed with colon cancer, but not wanting to succumb to the treatment of allopathic doctors, she gladly accepted your recommendation of using apricot seeds to kill cancer and heal her body.


She found a place in her city that sold the seeds in liquid form and began taking it regularly along with a colon cleanse and a change in her diet.  She went back for a check-up a month later and the doctors told her they did not see any trace of cancer. Thinking that the test may have been inconclusive they asked her to come back so they could test again a few weeks later. After the second test they told her again that there was nothing – NO CANCER!!!!


A few weeks ago, she was feeling some pain in her lower abdomen. She was examined and the doctors found a huge polyp – which they deemed cancerous and surgery was scheduled immediately. The polyp was successfully removed and another test was done which resulted in no cancer anywhere! 


She has since bounced back and her nurses/doctors can’t believe how quickly her body is healing! She said that she feels like she did when she was in her twenties! She thanks you tremendously for sharing information that has healed her body!! She credits your recommendation, which also led her to change her diet and cleanse her body as to why she’s recovering so well.  Your advice was God sent she says! She's telling everyone she knows!


Please continue to share information on healing our bodies naturally that we would not get elsewhere. Your knowledge and expertise in the areas of natural health and healing is greatly needed in our community and worldwide.  As you bless others, may God’s blessings continuously be upon you.

On behalf of Ms. Bobbie,

Atlanta, GA
October 31, 2010

Just by researching you and learning about what you write about and preach has opened my eyes to our real world. This is an awesome experience and I would like to thank you.


October 26, 2010

Dr. Whitaker,

I just wanted to stop and thank you for opening my eyes to the truth regarding holistic health and the whole picture regarding the United States health care industry. Your book has been a true inspiration for me to shift my entire views and practices regarding my health.  As you are aware of, I have undergone various surgical procedures and have been experimented on with various prescription drugs to no avail. I have had to literall
y watch my health deteriorate in front of my eyes going from specialist to specialist.  As a result of the knowledge that you have shared, I have worked on shifting my diet, getting all chemicals out of my hair, being vigilant of what I put on my skin and carefully evaluating anything that I put in my system. My body and mind is continuing to heal from over a decade of damage that I allowed myself to be subjected to.  I now have a thirst for learning about the different products that naturally come from the earth which we can safely heal ourselves from any ailment that exists. I share my experiences with anybody that I can to try to open their eyes as well. I know you haven't heard from me in a minute, but I have been seeing a local naturopathic doctor to continue on the road that you helped me start. Once again thank you for the impact you have had on my life!

Leticia A. Fitts
Baltimore, MD


August 24, 2010


Good Afternoon Dr. Whitaker,

I just found information about you via the profile on the health and wellness portion of Michael Baisden's website.  I am currently a primary care physician in Georgia, and frankly I am becoming more disillusioned about what I do every day. I became a doctor because I really do want to help people, but I didn't realize how much I was brainwashed in traditional medical school until recently.  I am waking up and see that natural methods make more sense.

 At any rate, I would like your advice about two I conditions I have but for which I am reluctant to seek treatment from an allopathic doctor.  First, I have large fibroids.  Fortunately I don't suffer from serious pain or the heavy menstrual bleeding.  My main issue is that they are now so large I look pregnant, and I must use clothing to disguise my abdomen.  I know I will be advised to undergo surgery (perhaps even a hysterectomy), but I do not wish to go that route, and really could not spare the time away from my practice.  Secondly, since childhood I've suffered from hypopigmentation in my skin, particularly on my neck and upper body.  I am self conscious about this, and again wear very conservative outfits even in the summer as cover.  I've seen dermatologists to no avail.  In fact, none of them could even give me a diagnosis, except to say that it's definitely not vitiligo.  I would appreciate any advice you have for me and look forward to hearing from you.  I plan to purchase your book MediSin this weekend.

Kela Henry, MD


August 23, 2010

My eyes are still doing great because of your magnificent advice and counsel...many members of my family suffer from glaucoma and cataracts...and thus far I am beating the odds ( a cousin had glaucoma at 26 years old...my dad had glaucoma in his fifties and my mom had cataracts in her 50's)...although I am still young....

My eye doctor says I am still doing good...when the threat came for glaucoma 2 years ago is when I started on the bilberry and alpha lopic acid...and since then I've added the eyebright and lutein...and I always took vitamin A...so anyway, to date...no more threats of glaucoma...although I do now have to wear glasses for night driving and distances (near-sightedness) I will continue to take these herbs/supplements...and hope that all works out well in the end...

Thank you for all that you do...

p.s. I received the whole food supplements.

Yvonne Harris
Upper Marlboro, MD

August 1, 2010


Hello Dr. Whitaker,

This is Bridgette. I am pleased to say that I received my order #2909 on Friday and have already read a good portion of your book. I started at the very beginning and tried to continue in order (page by page), like normal folks do, but my excitement quickly made that futile and suddenly found myself thumbing through and reading in length different chapters and topics. I really must say, thus far, your read is beautiful! I dare say "beautiful" because I received it like manna had fallen before me. Your voice is fresh, enlightening, and pertinent , needing to be heard by every man, woman, and child in this country, and in particular the underserved! I admire the fact that you say what you find to be true , what we all need to be aware of, interpret it for the average layman, and often refer to the best human guide of all times, THE BIBLE . Dr. Whitaker I know that you know this takes real courage, conviction, and love to do what you do. Thank you for stepping up and taking on the challenge because I just don't think there's a whole heap of people out there who are "in the know", and if there are, they're not willing to share.

As a health care consumer, seeing numerous physicians throughout my life, my rose colored glasses have come off a long time ago and thank you for confirming many of my beliefs and suspiscions regarding the bamboozlement of healthcare, its players, and the devastating effect it is posing on our lives. We have got to wake up really soon, right?

Brooklyn, NY



11 June 2010


Dr. Whitaker, ND:


Is there a site where I can review how many African American ND's are practicing and/or where they are practicing?


I am considering the ND/DC program, because when I graduate, I hopefully shall have greater flexibility when I serve my patients.  In May 2010, the VA Hospitals may consider (finally) DC's to practice and there is talk that by 2015 ND's shall also be able to act and/or serve as primary care doctors with full prescribing rights.


I am so excited!


I just wanted to say that you are a TRUE inspiration to African American women like me, Dr. Whitaker, ND.



Very Sincerely,

Cheryl Fields, MBA, Ph.D. (C)/ABD

Topeka, Kansas



May 25, 2010


Hello Dr. Whitaker,


 I finally found time to put in print how grateful I am for the one pill bowel cleanse. Mother Wardlow, an elderly friend of mine mentioned the problem of constipation that she has been bogged down with "FOREVER" she said. And me, the one that believes in trying to make everything better, suggested she try your bowel cleanse. I gave her 30 capsules and told her to take it at night and everything should flow right through with no grunt or strain. About 3 to 4 days later, Mother Wardlow was calling me for more. She stated that your bowel cleanse worked like nothing ever have before. She said she has always had a problem going; but not anymore. She was simply delighted, and relieved she also said she fell so much better to get up in the morning and to go with ease. Mother Wardlow has been sharing it with her daughters with good results also.  She also stated that she never wants to be without your famous one capsule bowel cleanse. She now calls the capsules Dr. Whitaker's pills I think because that's the name on the bottle. I would like to Thank you for doing what you do to inform the people of what can and should be done to bring about a better quality of health and life.


 Nancy J.     
Chicago, IL



May 24, 2010

Hello Good Doctor,


I guess it is OK to call you the "Good Doctor" since you do care about the welfare of


others. Just wanted to say hello and thanks again for all the knowledge about health 


issues.  Just in case you don't remember who I am - I am the one from Athens, Alabama


who wrote you in reference to the thyroid goiters and fibroid tumors.  My hair is growing


back (no more synthroid ever again) and my goiter is very small now.   I told my new


doctor about the "Good Doctor" and he couldn't believe that all I was taking was herbs.


My big brother who saw you in Athens, AL is going to email you or call you.  I told him


that you were the best so don't prove me wrong.





Darlene "Bunny" Lockett

Athens, Alabama




April 26, 2010

Well my testimony goes like this: A couple of months ago Dr. Whitaker came to the Afrikan Village and blew us away. The information was awesome and thought provoking. I wasn't able to afford the books and pills then but after two weeks I emailed him and he sent me both books and the pills. These pills release everything, including things I never knew were in me. He also talked about the hospital food. When I stopped eating the food, a sick smell was very evident in the cafeteria and now I only go in there to get the plastic silverware and ice. I have lost weight and inches. I got a treadmill in my house and have never looked back. Little things that I never thought about, Dr. Whitaker gave me insight on and now when I go to the grocery store I only concentrate on all live food and leave the processed foods right where they belong!

Felicia Washington
Chicago, IL


March 11, 2010

Greetings Dr. Whitaker,
I thank you so much for giving my sister insight on my iron
condition. I was told that I may need a blood transfusion since my iron
was so low but after consulting with you I did in fact try Thyme &
Yellow Dock as a tea and took iron pills as well. I am still taking
these supplements daily and my iron intake has gotten so much better. I
didn't need a transfusion after all. Thanks for your guidance.
Tamika Fagan

February 10, 2010

Scripture tells us that many are called, but few are chosen. I truly believe that Dr. Whitaker is one of the chosen few. On January 24th, I attended a Wholistic seminar where Dr. Whitaker was the key note speaker. I was quite impressed by the level of details he gave, and how he encouraged the audience to verify the things he talked about. After the seminar was over, I purchased his book Medisin, and couldn't wait to read it. During this time, my daughter was suffering from a cold that had been ongoing for months. Although I had taken her to the pediatrician, and she had been seeing a Natural Doctor, her cold continued to get worse. She came down with a fever, and was very tired and weak. Instinctually as a mother, I knew that I had to exhaust all of my resources in order to get her well again. Not thinking I would get a response, I reached out to Dr. Whitaker anyway as a last ditch effort before I did the unimaginable; take her back to the Pediatrician! To my dismay, I received an immediate response from him asking for additional info on my daughter's condition and lifestyle. Upon receiving a copy of her menu for the last week, he immediately noticed a problem with the combination as well as the types of foods she was eating. Her vaccine injecting, prescription writing pediatrician never once asked about her diet. Dr. Whitaker recommended that we stay off grains, wheat (even the gluten-free ones), and "eat fruits alone or leave them alone." By eliminating the grains, properly combining foods, and taking additional Immune boosting herbal supplements, my daughter's condition started to improve. From Monday to Thursday, her muscle testing score for adrenals increased from 0 to 7. I continued to keep her off the grains, but noticed she was still a bit congested. I again reached out to Dr. Whitaker for more advice and again he did not disappoint. He suggested that I use Wild Cherry bark to break up the congestion in her chest. I tried the wild cherry bark and noticed that her chest congestion was gone in 3 days. Not only was he right on point with everything he suggested, but we received immediate gratification each time. I have worked with several Wholistic Doctors in the past, but Dr. Whitaker is truly a "cut above the rest." I pray that he continues to practice medicine and educate others on how to live as the Creator intended us to. Good Luck and Stay Blessed.

Mrs. Lindsey

January 26, 2010




Dear Dr. Whitaker,


Thank you for giving such an outstanding lecture. Our patrons truly enjoyed listening to you and learning from you. After the lecture, all copies of Medisin were checked out and 5 holds for the book were placed that day. Everyone who was lucky enough to hear you Saturday surely came away with valuable information that will benefit them and their families. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.



Darlene Y. McDade

January 12, 2009


Your lectures and conversations are truly a breath of fresh air.  Thank
you for your courage in putting the truth out about the system that inhibits
our pursuit of health.  I have long been a believer that the system as it
is currently set up is not concerned with people being healthy and whole, so in
recent years I have begun to pursue natural methods of treatment, in addition
to making changes to my diet and hygiene practices.  I recently ordered a
copy of your book "MediSin" and I am looking forward to reading

I currently live in the Washington, DC area, and am looking for a Naturopathic
doctor in the region for my family and I.  Would you be willing to refer
the names of doctors that you recommend, whom you believe are in line with the
philosophy of natural healing techniques, rather than mainstream medical

Thank you, and continue the good work of putting out the knowledge that we can
use to heal ourselves.


Kenneth Acoff, Jr.



17, 2009

Greetings Dr. Whitaker,

As a caucasion/american I just wanted to thank you for disclosing the truth about the history of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry and the dirty little secret behind them....My wife is a retired nurse practitioner and I am a retired electrical sign journeyman and disabled Vietnam veteran....Even though my son lives back east with his mom where he is attending college we have always raised him under the guidelines set forth by the "great" human being Martin Luther King and taught him never to judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.

I'm appalled from time to time at the food and products advertised in the direction of the black and hispanic and other minority communities...like "McDonalds" for one. Also, I stopped my subscription to one of my old favorite reading materials "Reader's Digest" because of the incredible amount of ads from pharmaceutical companies that I now see in their issues. I am also a recovered/recovering addict/alcoholic and as a recovering drug addict. When I read in the pharmaceutical ads or even see them on tv I'm flabbergasted by the dangerous side-effects of the new "drugs" and I often tell my wife that the only difference between the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and the corner drug pusher is a 3-piece suit. Thank you again and GOD bless. 

Robert Drew Jordan





Hello Dr. Whitaker,

Every month for the last ten years I have had unbearable pain during my
monthly cycles. So bad that I would have to go to the ER and take shots.
Recently, they had gotten worse and my doctor told me that because of my age
I needed to have a hysterectomy and there was no way around it. After a
consultation with you, I followed your advice and for the first time last
month, I had very little pain, didn't have to go to the ER and I am feeling

My other issue was thyroid goiters. My doctor told me to take synthroid
every day for the rest of my life even though it wasn't shrinking my
goiters. First of all, I don't like taking prescription medicine. I couldn't
understand why he wanted me to take some drug if it wasn't working plus he
warned me that it was going to weaken my hair and cause severe hair
breakage. It did cause severe hair breakage but now my hair is growing back.
I stopped taking the synthroid and once again, I took your advice. I have
plenty of energy now and I have a new outlook on my health and my life. I
thank God for you and your willingness to get the word out about
prescription drugs. I no longer look at every month as a near-miss death
sentence. At my most painful moment in July 2009, you gave me another option
and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you indeed and
enlarge your territory so you can have enough room to receive all the
blessings that he has in store for you. We will continue to give God all the




Hey Doc,

Thanks so much for the ear infection info. He is all cured. We put the drops in his ear and got him to the chiropractor that day and he is good as new. Hell I even went to the Chiropractor and now my back is good as new, whodathunk itJ. Thanks for being there and have a great weekend.



September 4, 2009

Dr. Whitaker I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in Sumter, SC at Jehovah Baptist Church Family Life Ctr. This was July 2007.I was amazed at the tremendous outpouring of information you gave. My life and health have never been the same. I am off all prescription meds and OTC for two years now. I am about tobe 54 yrs old and my body is experiencing homeostasis. Dr. Whitaker you are indeed a great man. A voice that can't and won't be silenced. I thank God for you. Keep doing what you do. Peace.

The Diva Extraordinaire


August 16, 2009

Dear Dr. Whitaker,

I was a participant at your seminar/lecture in Bowie, MD (at the Library). You see so many people, but I was the young lady who asked the question about colonics.

I don't even know where to begin with the message I received from you. It revolutionized my life (and my husband's) and I believe EVERYTHING you said during that seminar (from vaccines, to AIDS/HIV and cancer, the medical industry, etc). I knew you were not to be played with when you gave your introduction. LOL

When I got home I got rid of the white sugar and powder (I'm starting slow with the weening b/c everything in my cabinets and refrigerator is all processed foods, perhaps except for the fresh fruits). I have a natural sweetner called Stevia (pls. confirm if this is a natural sweetner...if not I will toss that as well) that I use to sweeten things like plain yogurt and grapefruit.

My weight has ballooned these last few years (all related to poor dieting and a sedentary lifestyle but triggered by a long-term hospital stay in 2005) and I want to be healthy and get this weigh down. I just don't know where to start and get very discouraged. Your mention about cholesterol hit home because my doctor was trying to put me on a medication but I told him "no...let me do diet and exercise first." I have to go back in Oct. and have made some improvements or he will be prescribing something for me.

In terms of my hospital stay it was a direct result of a high risk pregnancy I was in. I was told I have an "incompetent cervix" and while it couldn't have been known before my first pregnancy I was told that it will affect any future pregnancies and that I will need to be sewn up, possibly with bed rest, to carry another child to term. Is there anything I can do (diet wise, exercise wise) that can "heal" my cervix and make it strong enough to carry a child to term?

Again you changed my life by giving me tools to take my own health and family's health in my hands. I appreciate the work you are doing.




25 June 2009

Dear Dr. Whitaker:

Thank you. Thank you for all of your hard work and research. I read your book it changed my life, my health. Now I must order another copy because my mom refuses to return my copy to me. You saved her life too. She had lung cancer. She has started doing the things from your book and swears the cancer is gone.

Kathryn Henderson


Dear Dr. Whitaker,I was given your book as a gift from a loved one. It is the best book I have read on health and nutrition in quite some time. Everything in your book was a true testimony of everything that my mother had shared with me and my siblings over the years. She recently passed away of cancer and would have preached your book to anyone that would have given her an ear. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the writing of this book. I am a believer and new follower of what you are teaching. Continue your work, it is truly our reward.

Rosalind Griffin


Dear Doctor Whitaker, I heard your interview on The Alex Jones show via YouTube. Thank you for arming yourself in courage and going into the world and sharing your perspective and your experience. I am American, but I live in France and I saw a documentary on ARTE channel: "Le Monde Selon Monsanto," available in English: "The World According to Monsanto." I learned a lot from that, although I had long been aware of one of Monsanto's conspiracies, to get Aspartame approved by the USDA. When I was in college, a Japanese student did a report about it and I listened closely because I cannot consume Aspartame without having immediate physical consequences: headache, general achiness, joint pain, swelling, blurred vision. I'm not kidding. I can taste Aspartame clearly in foods and I know immediately if I've eaten or drinken it. I am very sensitive to this product. Ironically, those who consume soda pops (which I don't, anyhow) and have switched to diet versions, have not lost any weight. I can't site the study, but I remember reading a study on the subject, so it's out there.

Thank you very much for going on the Alex Jones Show and I look forward to buying your book and learning from you. By the way, your manner of speaking is so refreshing because you really seem absent of pretensions (so, so common in your profession). I have to say that I loved the way that the oncologist "Scott" who called in was ragely authoritarian, condescending, and pretentious and then he found himself lost for words when you and Jones didn't submit. I almost doubt that he was even a doctor at all. Not that it matters, but the doctors in France are even less receptive to patients and they really do not want to be questioned about anything, nor do they feel that a patient deserves an explanation of anything. They are the height of arrogance. But, as I say this, I tell you also that they make far less money than a US doc and that being a doctor is a status symbol. So, they demand trust and respect. Well, you get the picture.

I hope that you remember my name because just as the American people are waking up, so must the French. Please remember my name because maybe I will need your help in future endeavors to wake up some in this population. I plan on studying your work and then applying it here. So, at the moment, I'm happy to open the door with you.

By the way, I am not working in the medical profession. I am a Yoga instructor, although that's not at all what I went to University for, it's what suits me and I really enjoy it. As you can imagine, inspiring people to take their health into their own power is quite important to me and the inverse, a company like Monsanto, disgusts me beyond words. Thank you for speaking out against them and I will especially remember you in my prayers tonight. God bless.



November 2008, I heard about Dr. Whitaker on the Joe Madison show, XM radio station 169. I was diagnosed with chronic stomach pain due to abdominal adhesions. The adhesion created scar tissue in my lower abdominal area. The cause of these adhesions was the result of 4 surgeries within a 6 month period. These surgeries were from a hysterectomy due to fibroids tumors. I developed scar tissue right away and my bowel was nicked during the outpatient surgery to remove the scar tissue. This occurred in September 2005.

I was constantly in pain. I would wake up in the middle of the night to more pain. The feeling was as if I was climbing stairs in my sleep. I would wake up feeling like I had been at work all night. The doctors prescribed vicodin to deal with the pain. It was the only thing that gave me temporary relief. After three and half years I was sick of taking vicodin and felt like I had no other options. It seemed as if my pain was getting worse as time went by.

After hearing Dr. Whitaker on the radio show, I decided to e-mail him for help. After talking with Dr. Whitaker, I started a regiment of RSCT and Wobenzym N. After taking these products for one month, I passed 3 large clumps of scar tissue through my bowels. I have been on this regime for four months and have notice a dramatic decrease in pain. I can honestly say that I am 98% pain free. That is a miracle within itself! The rest of my recovery is in the area of strengthening my stomach muscles again. I have lost 10 pounds as a result of being able to exercise. I am grateful for Dr. Whitaker's services. I finally feel as though I am getting my life back. Thank you again.

Jennifer Dowdell


Dearest Dr. Whitaker - Thank you for the awesome talk you did on Alex's show (Alex Jones) this past week. Hope you will return to Alex's Show and/or consider having your own GCN Radio Show several days a week or once a week if your schedule could handle. You have a great radio voice, and genuine passion. How refreshing. Much love; I'll be getting your book this week.

Cindy Easterly


Wow! Thank you so much for being a guest on the Alex Jones show today. You are the best guest I have ever heard on his show and have been listening for years. All the things you said I have known about. I can't thank you enough for telling it like it is. God bless you, protect you and I thank you again. I have sent out your website info to many people and will be ordering your book. You are the best!



Hi Dr. Whitaker - I was soooo happy to hear you on Alex Jones today. You are phenomenal and way ahead of your time in healing AND thinking! I have used so many of the things you were speaking about including the sodium chlorite healing you mentioned. Please, I hope you are on the show again as you were one of the best guests this week. We are going to order your book and your info around to everyone.

Cindy Parker


Healing with Truth - Many Blessings:

I am grateful to know that men like you exist. I appreciate your spiritual integrity and down to earth honesty, on top of your knowledge. I look forward to hearing you again. On my own spiritual path Be with God's protection.



Dr. Whitaker, what can I say?! I just finished your book today and It has definitely opened my eyes and changed my life. Talk about a paradigm shift!!! I loved the co-influence of nutrition and spirituality that you so perfectly fused together, for as we know, "there is no separation." Because of your book now I feel like I can begin to knowledgeably Heal myself, as opposed to unknowingly Kill myself. All I can humbly say is "Thank You for being a harbinger of Life!"....Peace and Blessings

Terrence Brand, Galax, VA


I appreciate your life work. I believe that not only did God create our bodies to heal themselves, but furthermore, I believe that he's placed all the necessary components to maintaining our health within the Earth in its naturally unaltered form. With that being said, it's probably evident that I am extremely passionate about natural healing. One of my most important life goals is to become a Naturopathic Doctor, but I am having a hard time finding education to do so. I've considered committing to the Clayton College of Natural Health's ND program, but I am afraid I will not be able to utilize my education or that my career options will be limited due to it being and on-line education source. Please help! Where did you obtain your education? Thank you for your time and response to this e-mail. Thank you for truly caring about true healing and also spreading the knowledge to all whom will listen, God Bless You!

Ms. Thompson


I really thank God for sending you across my path, because I have prayed so long to conceive more children. I have had two miscarriages which both times were devastating. With prayer and taking the false unicorn and red raspberries leaves I have been able to conceive a child and have held it now for two months. My doctor confirmed yesterday, January 29, 2009, that I'm two months pregnant. She and the other nurses were so amazed because they were skeptical about me trying again. I knew that it would happen because God truly is faithful. He put people in our lives for such a time like now.

Thanks so much for all that you've done for me and what you do for others. May many blessings continue to be upon you as you go about reaching out to the people that desperately need to be educated about natural remedies that heal the body. It truly is the way God meant for it to be.

Marcella Minor, Mississippi State, MS


First of all let me say that even though I have not attended your seminars (yet), I think that you are one of the most highly favored and trusted African American Men, falling in the category with our next president Barack Obama. I have testimonials from close friends and relatives who follow your techniques and passages on living healthy with natural cures and it amazes me how I can see the difference in some of my family members who have been following your work for quite some time now.

Taneisha McKinley


It was my extreme pleasure to have met you and to have had the privilege to hear such profound knowledge. It is my honor to have met you. I look forward to learning more.



Hello, Dr. Whitaker, my name is Darryl Parks, I'm a newly founded fan of yours, and I consider all that you have done for people to be very heroic. Thank you again Dr. for all you do. God Bless and peace be unto you.

Darryl Parks



My name is Lanisa Holmes & I'm the parent of 9 yr old Tyvon who has to write a one minute speech on a famous African American doctor....while on (the internet) we read about several doctors & we chose to do his paper/speech on you but, we could not find a lot of info that his school requested....there was no biography online & picture.....which he needs..so, if you don't mind can you send a picture, along w/a biography or a web link to get to some info on you....he also has to be dressed as you while saying the memorized 1 minute speech...thank you & God bless...

Lanisa Holmes, Chicago, IL


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