Dr. Scott Whitaker, ND, CNHP

Dr. Scott Whitaker is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor with over 20 years of experience in herbology, iridology, homeopathy, natural healing and detoxification.  A Southern California native, Dr. Whitaker grew up in the infamous South Central area of Los Angeles with strong parental guidance as his anchor, he escaped the call of the streets and received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Civil Engineering.  During his time at Berkeley, he became interested in wholistic medicine and drew a connection between wholistic living and long-term health.  Of particular interest to him was the ineffectiveness of prescription drugs on common health problems plaguing humanity and especially the African-American community. More alarming were the number of friends and family members he watched suffer and eventually die from the effects of these synthetic drugs.

After graduation, he found himself working in the engineering field in St. Louis, Missouri.  He enrolled in the Keller Graduate School of Management where he earned his MBA, but his interest in wholistic medicine was far from satiated.  Determined to get all of the information he could, he obtained his Doctorate of Naturopathy from the International School of Naturopathy in Los Altos, California. Armed with the resources he needed, Dr. Whitaker vowed to spread the truth about prescription medications and bring the message of wholistic lifestyles as a means to obtaining long-term good health to people everywhere. Included in this phenomena, Dr. Whitaker presents very raw, informative background information, exposing the culprits in the entire system of health care "management" in the U.S., including the strategically placed government so-called "regulatory agencies" who allow poisonous and debilitating additives into our food and prescription drugs that serve the overall purpose of continually filtering billions of dollars into the medical & pharmaceutical establishment, without the intention of ever actually healing people. Unfortunately, many of those whom we have been taught to trust, from our government to our doctors to our pharmacists, are the very last ones whose knowledge we should trust when it comes to our health and well-being. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is also true that people perish from lack of knowledge.

Over the years, Dr. Whitaker has traveled throughout the world learning and applying the healing sciences of China, Asia Minor, North Africa, and Southeast Asia to correct the maladies of our modern time.  He has an extensive background in multiple industries, self-study and academic study which allows for a renaissance interpretation of the world that is not biased by the need to regurgitate disinformation in order to obtain degrees or rank. 

Dr. Whitaker challenges your belief system, for your true healing benefit.
 If you are interested in learning more about the services Dr. Whitaker provides, he is accessible via email at dr.whitaker@hotmail.com or               toll-free 888-633-4746.


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